Change for the Better 10 Tips to Ensure Your Organization Embraces Transformation

Tekara insight by Tracey Wimperly

Re “Communication World, Change for the Better” article (Martell and Chisholm)

These days, it’s “business as unusual”. I know of no organization that hasn’t gone through change – from tweaks to a successful business model to full-scale transformation. Organizational leaders recognize that to stay competitive and meet the growing, shifting needs of their customers, change is critical. In the same breath, leaders say transformational change is one of their top concerns. Change management remains a challenging undertaking to execute well, especially because it requires managing the people side of the business to achieve a successful outcome. There are many resources available for organizations contemplating change, but this article provides a superb synopsis of the top 10 considerations for keeping a change project on track.
Tracey Wimperly


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