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“If you want to effectively lead others, you must start by knowing yourself — who you are, where you are going, and why”

After spending more than 15 years as an organizational and leadership development consultant, Claire has deciphered two major ingredients to remarkable leadership: compassion and realistic optimism. Compassion, for self and others, is essential to building strong relationships. Meanwhile, the ability to see the positive side of life, while having a realistic grasp on the present and immediate expectations is critical to bringing a vision to fruition.

A leader without a vision or a set of strong relationships to hold and grow that vision has nothing.

With an intrinsic love for learning, Claire relishes working with organizations of all types and managers at all levels. If there is anything that drives Claire as much as her passion for learning, it’s her deep desire to achieve results. Using a style predicated on building trust and infusing humour into her work, Claire creates strong, safe, and open environments for her clients.

Full Bio

For the last 15 years, Claire has worked as a consultant, facilitator and coach in the areas of organization and leadership development.  She applies her strong strategic thinking and communication skills to help organizations develop leadership capacity, build team effectiveness, shift organizational culture and manage change.

As a consultant, Claire has supported her clients in developing customized leadership development programs; managing organizational-wide change initiatives focused on integrating people and evolving culture; and improving team effectiveness through assessment, facilitated working sessions and individual and team coaching.

Claire enjoys working in a wide variety of industries and with all types of management populations. She is described as a “reliable, knowledgeable and straight forward partner”, “someone with stellar facilitation skills and who has a keen eye for group dynamics” and “whose vast experience gives a unique set of skills useful to any organization.”

Prior to her nine years with Tekara Organizational Effectiveness, Claire was a Director with Right Management, a global talent and career management consulting firm, and worked for the Tanton Mitchell Group (currently Odgers Berndtson) in the field of executive search.

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