Coaching – The Tekara Way

At every level of an organization, the essence of exceptional leadership is the ability to build trust. Both research and our experience confirm that coaching conversations improve trust.

Trust is the cornerstone of inspiring and engaging people. The more inspired and engaged employees are over the long-term, the more sustainable the results and growth an organization experiences.

What is Coaching?

♦   A way of listening deeply and asking the perfect question that helps an individual unfold what is true for them.
♦   Holding space for a person to explore the best possible solution to a problem.
♦   Helping another get clear on how they can add value, move in a direction with purpose, hold themselves accountable, & get results.
♦   A journey that uncovers what might be holding someone back such as limiting beliefs and old unserving patterns.
♦   A way of accessing a person’s true leadership essence both in leading others and in leading self.

What Does Coaching Look Like At Tekara? 

♦   Coaching is a foundation of our business. We take a “coach approach” in each service we provide — meaning we don’t dictate solutions but rather explore with our clients what the best solution is.

♦   We believe coaching is integral to learning. It is a key component of every training workshop we deliver. Coaching sessions follow-up facilitated workshops in order to support every client in following through on key learnings.

♦   We work with all levels of people in an organization — from those on the front-lines to those in the executive suite.

♦   We support our clients at the individual, personal level with one-on-one coaching, as well as through group coaching in small groups.

♦   We also offer coaching skill-building workshops for all levels of leaders, managers, and supervisors.

♦   We have a number of professional coaches certified through the International Coaching Federation, coaching’s highest credentialing body.