Communication – The Tekara Way

Fundamentally communication is about relationships — how can I connect with another and express myself. Effective communication adds the elements of empathy, intention, and mutual benefit.  Successful organizations use intentional communications to achieve results — they know their audience; they listen to them; and they interact with them with the specific purpose of creating understanding and mutual benefit.

Tekara’s communications work centres around building your capacity to communicate effectively.

We have three primary offerings:

1.  Communications Research and Planning

This is about identifying what it is you want to say, and the best way to say it. It can involve evaluating and auditing your communication tools and systems to see how they are working and how they can be improved. Really, communication planning is about understanding the needs of all involved and the true impact of your decisions.

2.  Communications Training

Often a training after-thought, strong communication skills are foundational and absolutely critical to exceptional leadership.  They are developed over time through learning and practice.  Refining skills is our specialty and communications coaching is our passion. We help you implement communication plans and strategies by sharing best practices and effective techniques.  We’ll walk beside you the whole way.

3.  Short-term Communications Support

If you have limited capacity to handle your communications needs, our team can step in and fill the gap, while simultaneously helping you build your capacity.  And, when it’s important for a third party take the lead around communications, our experienced team can fill this role.