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“Put your customer at the heart of your brand and business model, nurture a culture that cares intensely cares about your customers, and the rest will take care of itself.”

Connie is an experienced leader with a proven track record in business transformation, operations and sales within the financial services, retail, insurance and health sectors.  She has held key senior management positions in three of Canada’s leading companies, where she specialized in helping Executives and senior leaders transform organizations to become more customer focused.

Strategy & Business Transformation

  • Developing a vision, determining strategic outcomes, developing and assessing scenarios, designing new operating models
  • Identifying the underlying changes to business operations, tools, structures and employee capabilities
  • Creating integrated plans to effectively manage the transformation

Customer & Stakeholder Experience Management

  • Creating a common vision, determining business outcomes, gaining customer and stakeholder insight, formulating strategies
  • Experience mapping and collaborative business process reviews to diagnose issues and pinpoint opportunities for people, process and technology change
  • Determining and prioritizing organizational capabilities

Change Management

  • Assessing the organization’s culture, business impacts, change capacity and readiness
  • Developing strategies to manage the communication and transition process
  • Determining employee capabilities and other organizational elements to drive new behaviours
  • Providing hands-on support and coaching to build the capabilities of teams

Previous to her years of consulting, Connie has held senior leadership roles with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, Best Buy Canada and Vancity Credit Union.

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