Cresswell Walker


Cress' story


Personal coaching mantra:  

When you make your work an expression of your passions and your strengths, fulfilment and success flow your way.

Cresswell is a Master Executive Coach dedicated to helping his clients make their work an expression of their greatest gifts. For the past 14 years, he has coached and consulted for business and government clients in SE Asia, China and North America. He specializes in leadership and management coaching and in training and mentoring new coaches.

Cresswell’s work as an executive coach draws on his own unusually diverse background as an award winning Professional Planner, business owner, international inspirational speaker, pilot, sailor and author. Cresswell has just returned to Vancouver after a ten year adventure working and sailing around the world.

Areas of coaching expertise:

Cress’ expertise lies in:

  • Connecting clients to their passions and their strengths
  • Leadership, management and relationships


Coaching style:

People can expect coaching conversations that:

  • Are outcome oriented
  • Link personal and professional values
  • Are provocative, meaningful and concrete

Professional background:


  • Line experience as a leader and manager
  • Entrepreneurial and business background
  • Certified in wide range of psychometric and organizational development tools.


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