Culture Management – The Tekara Way

Culture is the most prevalent force driving an organization’s performance. It constructs behaviour in explicit and implicit ways. Although organizational culture can be extremely difficult to shift, it offers incredible opportunity for accelerating business growth. If your culture is connected with your vision, your organization will be driven to new heights.

Using shared beliefs to strengthen and grow your business offering requires an intimate understanding of two factors:

  1. What your culture is.
  2. How best to leverage that culture into greater effectiveness.

Tekara helps organizations on both fronts.

Through multiple assessment tools we help you:

  • See how closely aligned your espoused culture is to your actual culture.
  • Create language describing your current culture and your future culture.
  • Identify values that will support leadership and business strategy.

Once you have a sound idea of what your culture looks like, and perhaps how you want it to look in the future, we can help you harness its true potential.

Through leadership development work, we help leaders across the organization identify behaviours they must hold in order to shape the culture.  We also help you develop communication plans containing stories, symbols, and programs to support and sustain your culture.