Energy for Performance: Russell Hunter’s PwC Keynote Highlights

I had a great opportunity to attend the Price Waterhouse Coopers leadership event held at the Vancouver Fairmont Waterfront hotel yesterday to support and listen to my colleague, Russell Hunter.

Russell is the National Director of the Human for Performance Institute, and one of the top speaker’s and practitioner’s in the field of helping leaders capitalize on their energy to improve performance, he also is the co-author of Coaching for Engagement (check the contest at the end of the post to see how you can win a free copy!).

I can personally say that Russell is an incredibly very gifted speaker, he was able to make the audience laugh (hysterically at points), engage, converse, and also become incredibly quiet and captivated. It was a pleasure to watch his presentation first hand, and I have capture some of the highlights of his speech which you can find below!

Leadership and Value Based Decision Making

Russ illustrates how much our values tie into our decision making ask leaders, giving a great illustration of walking across a beam to an adjacent building to save a loved one (previous to this illustration Russ used money as an incentive and the response was less overwhelming).

How Strategic Eating Impacts Leadership

While leaders can build traditions and virtues (which over time become habits) in any area, Russell uses the example of strategic eating and how important this is to corporate leaders. Using “Karl” as an example of a leader who eats poorly and as a res

ult affects all of “Karl” conversations and interactions over the course of a day. This is extremely value for corporate leaders as their interactions influence hundreds, if not thousands of people daily!

Linking Habits and Rituals to Values

In order to make small shifts in our daily routine we have to strategically choose and create one habit or ritual at a time. Russell discusses the importance of linking these rituals to our values.

Your Turn!

Tyrell Mara