Facilitation – The Tekara Way

We are dedicated to walking beside our clients. Everything we do includes facilitation — its a means to a sustainable end.  We don’t presume to have all the answers; instead our process is centered around co-creating with groups to achieve powerful outcomes.

Objectives and outcomes always change depending on the situation, but the core tenets of our approach never alter.

  1. We co-create – We bring expertise and a wealth of experience and knowledge, but we don’t dictate answers. We offer theories and ideas and then let you dive into and apply them. We create environments where the answers unveil themselves through the group’s efforts.

  2. Our facilitation is designed specifically for you – We shape the content, format, and experience around the values and culture of our client.

  3. We create holistic learning environments — We believe learning is a multi-faceted. Transformative learning relies on exploring knowledge, theories, and ideas through the entire human experience: intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

  4. We bring a tool kit — Our team of Associates bring a rich and diverse set of skills and expertise. Coupling that with research being the pillar of our work means we have an extensive set of tools and processes we can draw upon.

  5. We are provocative — We ask a lot of questions. We don’t shy away from exploring the tough or uncomfortable spaces. Our goal is simple: to encourage our clients to have the courageous conversations necessary to accelerate growth and development.

  6. We aim for excellence — When we enter a room, we challenge the group to truly stretch out of their comfort zone. In essence, we ask you to “show up” fully and authentically. This is where transformations and breakthroughs happen.