The Top 5 Leadership and Business Resources to Read This Week!

1) Baraba Corcoran’s Leadership Style: Rainbows and Steel-Toe Boots

Barbara Corcoran, founder of New York’s largest residential brokerage firm, The Corcoran Group, has had an incredible entrepreneurial and leadership journey. In this post we learn what type of leadership skills and tools Corcoran leveraged. She was able to find the balance between creating a fun and powerful corporate culture, while still running at tight ship, with at times “a license to kill”!

2) Best Selling Author, Danielle LaPorte’s World Domination Summit Keynote

Danielle cuts to the core of who we are and what drives us to be successful in this 9 minute presentation. She shares some inspirational and very fundamental leadership and life lessons, that are sure to inspire and challenge you on a deep level.

3) The Big Leap – Jody Béke

Tekara’s own Jody Béke takes us on a journey of authenticity, vulnerability, and courage. Jody uses her post to create a “coffee conversation” and a “story space” where she invites readers to listen to her story of “the big leap” and then share theirs.

4) Leading with Lollipop Moments ~ TEDx talk by Drew Dudley

Drew shares the story of his own journey in coming to understand leadership in lollipop moments, and how this has changed his life. He challenges the audience to live and acknowledge the lollipop moments in their lives, as a vehicle to changing the world!

5) The Power of Frustrating Leadership Friends ~ Dan Rockwell “The Leadership Freak”

A powerful post on developing ourselves and our personal leadership style, as always, Dan delivers great value and insights with simple examples and stories… “The richness of leadership is found in community, not isolation. Cultivate a team that shares your values but looks at things different from you.”

What is your Leadership Resource of the week?

Leave a comment below and share with us the best leadership resource you have come across this week. This space is all about sharing great content, resources, and experiences to continually learn from each other!

Tyrell Mara


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