Isabelle Clements


Isabelle's Story

“Leaders need to have an insatiable pioneering mentality in order to truly engage others in successfully co-creating in our complex world.”

Isabelle is driven by values and results, and excels at partnering with business leaders at all levels. She’s in her element when she is able to co-create solutions with leaders, sharing relevant insights, knowledge and experiences. “I walk alongside a client, remaining open and flexible to what they need in the moment” while encouraging a healthy dose of creative tension to enable the right conversations to surface. Isabelle comes from a place of ‘free-spiritedness’ and translates this in a very engaging way when partnering with clients, regardless of the nature of the work.

She believes that effective leadership requires an insatiable pioneering mentality and openness to engaging others in co-creating in our complex world. When leaders embrace a “bring it on!” attitude, “we open ourselves, our teams, our organizations and our communities to new opportunities that we could not have anticipated had we held on to only what we know. Certainty is the enemy!”

Full Bio

Isabelle is a creative, energetic and fluently bilingual (French/English) professional with over twenty-five years of diverse and global HR experience. Prior to working as a Tekara Associate, she spent her corporate life leading the North American Learning and Development Team for a global Technology Company, and previously as their Global HR Director of Customer Support.

Prior to working in the High Tech industry, Isabelle assumed several HR roles in the Airline Industry.

Isabelle is driven by strengths and values to achieve results, and excels at partnering with business leaders at all levels. She makes a point of delighting her customers and loves the variety that her work offers.  She has international work experience and thrives in various cultural environments. She is a natural, high-energy trainer and group facilitator with a ridiculous amount of energy, and has experience in the areas of Leadership Development, Organizational Culture, Strategic and Implementation Planning, Employee Engagement, and High Performance Teams. She is an MBTI qualified facilitator and has done extensive work in the areas of individual and team development using MBTI.  She continuously expands on her toolkit by attending formal and informal Leadership sessions and has a particular interest in the topic of ‘Leading from the Emerging Future’.

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