John Phillips


John's Story

“Without trust, commitment, and teamwork no collective ambition can be achieved.”

Creativity, imagination, and adventure are core values for John, hence his deep affinity for back-country skiing.  Professionally, John forged these values early on as he led the development of a high-tech firm from a tiny startup to a bustling organization of 100 employees that was twice recognized as a finalist for the “Best Managed Private Company.”  Working within this growth incubator allowed John to take leadership roles across several areas including marketing, business development, client services, and organizational performance.

Through his many diverse professional experiences, a true passion bubbled up for John. He absolutely loves supporting and developing healthy organizations.  For John, the primary drivers for organizational health are: cohesive leadership, clear direction, and strong communication–they’re essential to all aspects business operations.  How an individual or an organization moves toward leading and communicating with impact can be a journey and an adventure, both of which are right up John’s alley.

Full Bio

John draws upon a diverse range of experience that includes over twenty years in leadership roles with high-growth Technology and Financial Services organizations. He works with you to improve your organization’s health by: Building a Cohesive Leadership Team by facilitating how to overcome The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Developing Clarity by Getting on the Same Page by developing a One Page Strategic Plan or Team Playbook, Over-communicating Clarity and Speaking with Impact, Developing Leadership competencies and Managing for Employee Engagement.

He commits to closing each session by recording the “Who”, “What”, When” and “Next Steps” to ensure accountability and execution. His facilitation philosophy is grounded in creating a safe environment so that every participant can contribute fully and productively by exploring the “Why” and the “How”, conversations that will give people meaning, engage them to get extraordinary results and link to organizational Purpose & Direction. The result is a balanced blend of working on the organization’s effectiveness as well as developing the business strategy to ensure your organization’s health is optimized.

His facilitation style leverages your creativity, stimulates full brain thinking and focuses on “drawing out” information from participants using effective questioning and engaging exercises. John injects a healthy measure of fun and uses a range of techniques to ensure that energy and engagement remains high. His mantra is to amplify the impact of workshop experiences before, during and after a working session.

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