Laurie MacDonald


Laurie's Story

“A leader’s DNA must be coded with integrity.”

Integrity, honesty, and fairness are foundational values for Laurie—strong organizations are steeped in strong individuals.  Yet even the strongest leaders need balance. That’s why spending time in nature is so paramount for Laurie.  It offers both respite and inspiration.  The rigors of professional and personal life need breath infused in them to prevent us from becoming overwhelmed.

According to Laurie, no matter what the weather, each season holds its own beauty.  This is the perspective she uses as the basis for creation in her work and in her deepest passion: composing music.

Full Bio

As Tekara’s Executive Coordinator, Laurie brings an extensive administrative background to Tekara. She oversees office administration, manages client inquiries, and coordinates financial operations at our head office in Vancouver. Laurie is passionate about people and cultivating community. She is also a singer and composer who integrates community and social issues into her music.

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