Live Tweeting: The Neuroscience of Leadership

Brain1Recently, Tekara hosted a leadership event for the IABC/BC.  The session was on the Neuroscience of Leadership, and was led by Dr. Bruce Hiebert, the Chair of Undergraduate Programs at University Canada West and an adjunct professor at the Vancouver School of Theology.

Dr. Hiebert’s session was fast-paced, and, as he explicitly stated, only scratched the surface of the blossoming field of neuroscience and leadership. Despite the rapid speed in which we flew through brain science and its implications on organizations, I was live tweeting during the event. I captured as many insights as possible. For those that were not in attendance and did not follow along in real time, here is a summary via Twitter.

As you’ll see, he provoked those in attendance with several challenges to common beliefs about leadership. Share your thoughts or responses in the comment section below.




Image credit: Kushi Institute

Nathanael Baker


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