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Nathanael's Story

“We cannot serve or lead others unless we know who we are at a level beyond the surface.  By diving into ourselves, we become empowered and our purpose can be enlightened.  It is here where true service and remarkable leadership unveil themselves.”

Born into a family of trainers, Nathanael learned from an early age there is no template for this journey.  If we want to thrive, we must tap into our core—all the answers start with “self.” It is through personal introspection that we align with our ever-changing purpose and passion. This principle is the foundation for remarkable leadership, especially within an organization.

Creating environments for evolutionary work to be done is one of Nathanael’s deepest passions. For business leaders, connecting back to the basics is essential when developing any idea or strategy into a plan of action.  Filtering out the noise to clarify and articulate the heart of a matter is a skill of Nathanael’s.  For him, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the change that takes place once the noise is removed.

Full Bio

Nathanael Baker is a communications strategist and leadership development consultant for Tekara.  He is the co-founder of Tekara’s Emerge program, a leadership training for young, extraordinary professionals.

Nathanael joined Tekara after spending three years managing EnergyBoom Media, Inc., a startup online news company.  Prior to that, he served as the Director of Research for the award-winning organization, the DeSmog Blog Society.

Communications and business development have been at the heart of Nathanael’s professional experience:  he successfully maneuvered an organization through a year-long evaluation of its business plan and model; he’s developed internal and external communications strategies, written technical documents, devised online marketing plans, and is a prolific writer and researcher.  His writing and research have been featured on several outlets including the New York Times, Forbes, DeSmogBlog, The Energy Collective, and in the book Climate Cover-Up.

Running a startup company allowed Nathanael to experience first-hand the importance strong leadership can have on the bottom line—it is really the success differentiator.  Nathanael is extremely passionate about taking the leadership development work usually reserved to the executive suite and putting it in the hands of young, emerging professionals.

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