Organizational Design

Organizational Design – The Tekara Way

Organizational design shows up in multiple ways and can be customized to your particular needs.  Typically, organizational design and structure work is needed when there is new executive leadership, or a new strategic or marketing plan has been put in place.

You must design according to the situation.  One thing is certain around organizational design:  it is never going to be perfect; you’ll have to make compromises.  This process can be tricky, as sound design requires making the right trade-offs.  We help you do that.

Our Process

Working in partnership with you, Tekara follows five principles:

  1. Assess Current State – Evaluate the situation and identify the business need as well as the type of organizational design required.

  2. Engage Leadership – Get a sponsorship team together. They will make decisions around structure and design.

  3. Clarify Strategy – Identify the objectives and goals of the design work.  Once it’s known what is trying to be achieved, we see if the right supports (structure, culture, processes) are in place to reach the intended state.

  4. Design Structure – Create the new shape.  This involves developing reporting relationships, accountability processes, and the decision-making flow needed to support the business strategy.

  5. Ensure Sustainability – Make sure there are processes in place to sustain the culture change.