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Tekara’s Story

Tekara’s Story

Founded in February 1994, Tekara Organizational Effectiveness is a leadership and organizational development consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON. For more than 18 years Tekara has assisted organizations to achieve extraordinary performance and business results at the individual, team and organizational level. Our clients include a wide range of private and public sector organizations in locations throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. We are a community of experienced practitioners who continually challenge ourselves to lead organizational development. When we take on a client project, we leverage each others’ strengths and operate as one team to provide our client with extraordinary experiences and outcomes.

Tekara was born out of a conversation around changing the energy and impact of business. Business is the dominant force that can create a new way of being in the world. Through social and financial bottom lines we create better organizational leaders, community members and holistic individuals.

Mount Tekarra

We are named after Mount Tekarra, situated in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Cree guides once walked with and provided support to travelers there, to complete the challenging climb to the wild summits.

Our founding principal, Peter Lee, grew up in South Africa where his father built a successful small business, despite many challenges and obstacles. At that time and in that country, the Lee family was not permitted to own property or a business. Peter’s father worked hard to build strong relationships in the community, eventually resulting in a partnership. That partnership led to the creation of a very successful car dealership, a business that was based on trust, loyalty and integrity. Everyone who worked at the dealership received the same care, support and fair treatment regardless of their background or role. This expression of trust and fairness speaks to Tekara’s core values and is at the heart of what we stand for. We all have a leadership story; one of Tekara’s strengths is helping to bring it out.

Our Values

We live and work in integrity with our deeply held beliefs and values. Based on an unwavering belief in “abundance”, we choose to see the glass half full instead of half empty. Our values influence everything from the alignment of people who are part of our community, to the approaches and the processes we use. It’s these that convictions that enable us to achieve amazing results for our clients.

Our core values are:
♦  Community – Travel far together with full engagement and generosity.
♦  Belief – Respect people where they are at and recognize their greatness.
♦  Excellence – The courage to lead.
♦  Integrity – Get caught being transparent and vulnerable.

Changing the energy and impact of business.

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