Peter Lee

Peter Lee

Peter's Story

“Leadership is not for the faint of heart.  It can be very hard work since it challenges you to play big in every situation.  But, it’s through tackling this noble task day in and day out that transformational change takes place.”

After 25 years of working with business leaders, Peter has learned that strong leadership can be an Odyssey. It’s a demanding endeavour filled with many changing dynamics and challenges. Yet, through all his work, Peter has seen that leadership development has profound impacts on business through improving bottom-line results as well as improving the lives of employees. Even more, it has the power to reverberate out into the community, creating shockwaves of change. Peter’s passion is to provoke leaders to play a “bigger” game, and to stretch how they define their “best game.”  He believes this is the difference-maker no matter what the context.

Full Bio

Peter provides extensive knowledge and experience in organizational behaviour, strategic planning, team development and culture change. Peter’s passion is to help organizations understand and utilize the strengths of the corporate culture(s) to effectively reinforce business strategies, as well as to adapt and respond to changing markets.

His approach to strategic planning turns strategy into action at all levels and engages employees in accepting accountability for personal and organizational success.

Peter’s work philosophy is to help teams and individuals in organizations talk, think, and act in ways that produce meaningful interaction and powerful results.

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