Research – The Tekara Way

Research is a core competency at Tekara.  It’s the primary tool we use to shape our work. From beginning to end, research is constant through our process of serving a client.

To start, we connect and identify with your need, challenge, or desire.  Once we see the big picture, we start building.  Your need drives the scientific research we find and use.  What we uncover informs how we communicate or facilitate; so, research indelibly underlies what and how we deliver.

Tekara prides itself on its ability to stay on the leading edge around its service areas.  We do this by training and partnering with leading academics, thought leaders, and technology and service providers.  Some of these include:

TWI new logo

In 2011, Tekara acquired TWI Surveys Inc.  A leading measurement service provider, TWI offers a complete suite of diagnostic services to support long-term strategic planning and stakeholder engagement.  TWI specializes in research that assesses organizational engagement, satisfaction, and culture.

“If you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it.”

So, what exactly is measurement? It is:

  • A systematic, objective means to evaluate outcomes and results
  • The foundation for accountability
  • The definition of deliverables
  • The context for roles and responsibilities

Measurement is not an ad-hoc, one time activity, it is an on-going process that requires a strategy and a sequential plan.  Developing that strategy requires considering both the long- and short-term needs, as well as involving those impacted by the strategy.  The needs will inform the strategies which will determine the tools and tactics for measurement.

TWI performs:


  • 360 evaluations
  • Program evaluations
  • Event evaluations
  • Communication evaluations
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Culture analysis

Resource Development

  • Normative data
  • Project templates
  • Communication templates
  • Engagement models

Click here to visit our TWI Surveys Inc. site