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Russ's Story

“Leadership often requires walking a thin line between projecting conviction while simultaneously remaining humble enough to be open to new ideas and opposing opinions.”

Creating and engaging in conversations that matter, drives Russ.  These conversations can be had in a strategic planning session with business executives, during the Q&A after a keynote, or during a bedtime check-in with his daughter:  he doesn’t discriminate.  For him, they are the starting point for change and empowerment as they allow us to consciously connect with ourselves.  An experienced business coach and former CEO, Russ knows self-awareness is fundamental to influencing others in a meaningful way.  It is through this knowledge of self that leaders can increase their capacity to not only handle the perpetual change of the business world, but also thrive on it.  Indeed, how they support this type of capacity-building throughout the organization dictates how dynamic, engaged, and consistent it will be.

Full Bio

Russ is the National Director of the Human Performance Institute Canada, and co-author of the book Coaching for Engagement. He brings over 10 years of experience as a business leader, keynote speaker, facilitator, and performance coach – as well as athletic achievements in the sport of triathlon.Prior to becoming National Director, Russ was the founder and CEO of Boldeye Solutions, a market consulting firm with operations in Vancouver, Chicago, and London.

Russell contributes articles to publications including Business 2.0 Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Canadian Business. He speaks regularily on the topic of leading with energy at business conferences and association events worldwide. As an accomplished Ironman triathlete, Russ has competed in races across North America and in Europe. He now leverages his passion for endurance sports to enhance the lives of children in Canada. In 2001 he founded the IronChild Foundation, a registered charity which provides mentoring and educational opportunities for children living with chronic Illnesses.

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