Sonia Gawlick


Sonia's Story

“You may not be able to change or control a situation, but how you react to it demonstrates your maturity and true leadership qualities.”

For Sonia, emotional maturity—being able to maintain your sense of self in any situation as well as having the capacity to not let your ego get in way of doing what is best—is an essential ingredient for leader.  The ability to take a step back from a situation and ask “why,” is a differentiator in the business world:  it offers perspective and clarity, the chance to counsel with others, and the opportunity to remove unconscious blinders.  Helping clients uncover and express their “why” is Sonia’s talent.  In her experience, this is the foundation for turning an idea into something tangible.  The chance to empower leaders with tools to stretch their boundaries and expand their thinking makes Sonia leap out of bed in the morning.

Full Bio

Sonia has over 15 years of finance and business consulting experience. She began her career
in investment finance and transitioned to consulting in order to combine her strategic and analytical skills. She has worked for both small and large private sector companies, as well as international non-governmental agencies. Her experience spans a range of industries including banking, portfolio management, entertainment, pharmaceutical, commercial real estate, and health care.

Sonia uses her skills and experience to provide clients with the research and analysis they need in order to develop and implement their strategic objectives. In addition, Sonia’s education and professional experience enables her to provide objectivity, insight and innovative solutions to organizational issues.

Sonia has a BA in Economics, a Certificate of Liberal Arts, a Graduate Diploma in International Management, and an MBA. She has also served on the board of various organizations including (AWF) Association of Women in Finance, and the United Nations Association of Canada. Based in Vancouver, Sonia has significant international experience having worked and travelled in over 35 countries across 4 different continents.

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