Strategy Management

Strategy Management – The Tekara Way

Strategy is much more than planning.  A strategic planning session can be invaluable, but if that is where the development and management of your strategy starts and stops, you’ve left a lot on the table.

For an organization, strategy work is the ultimate adventure.  It’s all about knowing your vision and dreams and then setting out to achieve them. To reach your destination and achieve your intended outcome, you’ll have to consider four interrelated factors that work like gears in a system — when one gear moves, it can create movement in any of the other gears.

1.  Thinking Gear

Continually exploring and assessing the context in which your business and organization operates in — what are the key elements (internal and external) that impact what you do and how you do it?

2.  Planning Gear

Mapping the organizational strategy and setting direction.  This includes developing key performance indicators and then setting the plan in motion throughout the organization.

The outcome is clarity of direction (vision, mission, values) and identification of sub-strategies (goals, initiatives, themes, actions).  It is critical this direction is shared through the organization. Each employee should be able to connect their effort toward the strategy and accomplishment of the vision. 

3.  Execution Gear

Aligning and refining your organizational body to best fit your strategic direction.  This can include amending your structure, culture, systems, and/or processes so they are working in unison with your vision.

4.  Tracking Gear

Evaluating the performance of the strategy. This gear revolves around answering two questions:

  • Are we doing what we said we were going to do?
  • Is what we said we were going to do still the best course of action moving forward?

A Holistic Approach

Builds a culture of shared accountability and results. It does this by not only providing, organizing, and sharing insights, but also through refining and tracking progress. Done well, each individual takes the strategy as the framework and shifts their thinking in support of it. The critical success drivers are visible and shared.

Where we can help:

At Tekara, we support organizations through all aspects of strategy management. Specifically,

  • We walk with our clients to build an engagement and planning competency that is driven from strong strategy principles and practices.
  • We use strong discovery skills to understand your context, success drivers and constraints.
  • We use a deep tool kit for all strategy management elements and facilitation.
  • We use and adapt our tool(s) to create the most effective process given the unique situation.
  • We act as capacity to ensure you have the resources for thoughtful reflection.
  • We are skilled integrators who can articulate insights and organize them for refinement and implementation.
  • We push you to the next level.