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Tekara is a management consulting firm passionate about changing the energy and impact of business. We help organizations to be more effective through leadership.

We take a holistic approach to organizational effectiveness.  We focus on four development outcomes (leadership, culture, strategy, organizational design) which are supported by our tools of transformation (coaching, facilitation, communication, research) and the management of change that enables every shift.

Development Outcomes

Strong leadership is the foundation for success. It impacts every aspect of an organization’s operations, including sales, service, and performance, engagement and commitment.  Although there are tenets for developing exceptional leaders, “leadership” shows up differently for everyone. Through our experience, research, and field-tested practices, we design client-specific programs based around five fundamental principles.

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The presence of collective beliefs shapes the behaviour of organizations and the people working within them. We call this “culture,” and it is an incredibly powerful force that is also very difficult to change.  There’s no doubt about it, culture will shape how you do things.  Since it is such a dominant force, organizations are at their best when they both know their collective beliefs and also how they can best leverage or shift them in order to realize their vision and achieve business results.

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To change the energy and impact of business, an organization requires clarity of direction. Long-term success revolves around having a clear line of sight around the critical questions of: why we exist; where we want to go; and, how we want to get there. Understanding and planning around your key drivers is just one piece of the puzzle, however.  Setting strategic direction is not an annual event that happens in a boardroom, it is daily process that is dynamic and iterative.  It involves not only planning but also execution, tracking, and reassessment.

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Without structure an organization will languish and sputter.  There needs to be a frame to funnel innovation and collective action toward a desired outcome. This container does not exist in a vacuum. There are many facets that impact the design of an organization — structure is just one piece of the puzzle.  An organization’s design is built according to its strategy, culture, processes, and structure.  Each of these elements constantly change; so, organizational design and structure is a living organism that evolves over time.

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Tools of Transformation

Communication is critical to achieving business goals. Everything we do and don’t do says something.  The more aligned what you “say” is to your organizational vision and culture, the more effective you are. If increased effectiveness is what you’re after, corporate communications should be two-way.  It must revolve around intentionally building and enhancing relationships.

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Coaching is a distinctive skill that offers a powerful, positive impact on the quality of conversation leaders have at work.  Coaching helps to:

  • Change corporate cultures.
  • Improve the way people relate, behave, and interact.
  • Support new managers early in a new role.
  • Deal with the complexity of change, managing stress on a day-to-day basis.
  • Evoke excellence in others and encourage their development.

Coming together as a group enables for greater depth of thought than strategizing alone. The group mind is effective when it is led by an objective observer.  A facilitator, armed with skills and expertise, can drive a group to results. Guided group sessions foster innovation and growth by creating safe, collaborative, and challenging spaces. They uncover the whole picture, reveal the truth of the matter, and identify solutions.

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Surveys, focus groups, interviews, and best practices are all part of our tool box, but we never forget that social research is a two-way communication process. Who you ask questions to and how you ask questions changes your relationship. Our practices enhance your relationships with employees, managers and customers. Success has many authors and our research methodologies allow those voices to have an impact.

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To perform at your peak as an organization you must embrace and adapt quickly to change.  When it comes to being flexible, fast, and ready for change, the first question to ask is whether the you need a technical or transformational process.

Are you changing what you do, such as implementing a new process or system that requires your people to do what they’re already doing only faster, better, cheaper? Or, are you ready to transform how you do things to generate a new energy and commitment to achieving what hasn’t been possible previously?

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